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Guide for new Polyers

The first step:To register as a member of “NiHao”
Fill in your on the registration page, and our staff will contact with you soon.

The second step: Make your study plan
Our course adviser will make a course plan for you according to your study target and needs

The third step: test your Chinese level.
1. Test your Chinese level before your start your class. By the way, you can use our testing on line to assure your Chinese level and make a conversation with our consultant. 
2. If you want to begin your class, you can choose the class based on the extent of your previous level. For details, you can check our “course “

3. The fourth step: open your class in the net classroom
1. You can find the opened classes with the above navigation, and then enter into the network classroom.
2. You can also purchase of course you want to learn, and then re-enter into the classroom.
3. You can make your own timetable according to your time, please do not forget to write down them, and then to join in the class on time..
3. You should follow up our guide to enter into the class.
The fifth Sept: how to operate in class
1. Please read “the operation in the net classroom” before your first class, it will teach you how to do in the network classroom; also you can watch the video to learn that..
2. In the classroom, please try to express yourself as many as possible to practice your Chinese speaking.
3. Evaluation of teachers: When you leave the classroom, please make   an assessment on our teachers. This is very important, because we will test the quality of teaching based on your feedback ,so as to improve their teaching level.

Learn to speak chinese For any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us.
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